Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Say Goodbye to ISDN

BT have announced the "Withdrawing of consumer ISDN, as the demand for it has dived with the availability of cheap, fast broadband." the withdrawal will take place later this year.

So where does that leave consumer ISDN users?

As everyone knows broadband can be one faster and cheaper solution, but for those that don't want to go over to net-based alternatives that use the IP protocol what else is there?

As the bigger players start to drop out of the market, for being unable to deliver goods and services competitively, it has left a void for smaller niche ISP's to break into.

One such contender is FreeUKisp, a UK based ISP offering ISDN Alternatives. Simon Wharton, Managing Director of FreeUKisp said "It's allowed our market share to grow as we start to supply where big players no longer can."

For those concerned by the drop in connection speeds, FreeUKisp recommends the Netfury Accelerator, a state of the art internet accelerator that boosts the connection speed of any standard dial up connection.

So many consumers are now left having to look for new ISDN Providers as BT concentrate on making more money and forgeting about there loyal ISDN customers. But where will they go?

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