Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Event Marketing

When is online marketing not just about marketing online? Well in the last week or so I have been busy helping The Manchester New Technologies Institute to market a number of their successful corporate training courses.

The problem I faced was not knowing how to advertise a course? An event that has a specific start and an end date. The usual linking, blog posts and article submissions were all well and good but I wanted to create a solution that would be removed from the web once the course had finished. The last thing I wanted to do was create duplicate content that would be penalised by search engines having a negative effect to the client’s online presence.

The answer has come in the shape of eventful an online events search engine. This site allows users to add information about a range of courses, events and gigs. Affiliated to ping-o-matic the site updates a number of resources with newly updated content taking the legwork out of distributing your event information across the web.

Its early days for this site but I’ll be keen to see how it develops and to see what new sites appear on the back of this great idea.

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