Saturday, September 16, 2006

A New SMO Discovery

I've spent some time playing around with this week, as an attempt to continually improve the online presence of some of our customers.

Squidoo is an online resource centre that allows individuals to create pages on their area of expertise and share them with the community.

I've been having a go at creating 'lenses' as they are known on the site for

Will Kintish - The Business Networking Guru
Restore Foam - Manchester's Leading Memory Foam Manufacturer.

Sites like these are growing everyday on the web and are starting to open up SEO into a whole new creative field - taking it away from its purely technical origins. SMO, or Social Media Optimisation, as it has become known in the online marketing world is starting to be hailed SEO 2.0 as it starts to take steps towards being the next level of Internet Marketing.


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