Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why I'm here...

Just got a new Job, working with some great guys at a firm in Manchester Called PushON. Spending a lot more time on the net doing 'SEM' for them so thought I'd get going with one of these.

Oh and by the way... just incase you dont know what online marketing is...

Online Marketing is simply a collection of methods that help make your website work for your business. There are many reasons to market online. For instance, it may just be that you want to build your brand presence online. You may also want to bring lots of people to your website. Once those people reach your website, there may be a wide range of things that you want them to do. Many businesses want those people to buy something, but you could also consider bringing them to your site as a point of contact to support your product or service, effectively helping retain customers. Whatever you motivation, there are some solid and measurable techniques that you can apply to Digital Marketing

Check back soon to see what I'm upto.

Jamie Clouting
SEO Specialist


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