Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Virtual Me!

I found this great site today, called Meez. They specialise in providing custom avatars to use with IM and social networks including: MySpace, Facebook, hi5, Xanga, Blogger, Windows Live Spaces, MSN Messenger, Skype etc etc.

You can design your character using a neat little Flash app, adding and changing all the facial features, clothes and accessories.

The site charge for special items using an internal currency called “Beenz” (that look more like magic beans!). They’re also charging to add Meez wallpaper to your mobile.

Meez have cleverly produced many of the features to integrate with myspace and there is even a chance for you to use your meez profile to show your youtube vids!!

Here's me hard at work... writing this blog! I need to get a chair in my office I think!


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