Thursday, July 13, 2006

From the Blog to the Printed page.

Its common practice in today’s emerging blogosphere to read of blogs going into print. As a fan of .net magazine I am no longer surprised to see a large percentage of its content coming from blogs commenting on the latest conferences, products and industry trends.

Blog literature and poetry are winning international awards and I now own my very first ‘blog in print’ Chris Anderson’s – The Long Tail

It is exciting to think that today’s bloggers are affecting tomorrow’s news articles. I have recently joined the North West Enquirer’s Directory of Bloggers in the North West. Chris and the team are doing a great job in promoting the hard work of my fellow bloggers and featuring them on his site.

I would not be surprised if content written by bloggers starts to find its way into the North West Enquirers Newspaper.

In Digital Marketing it is easy for us to focus on purely ‘online’ activities. After spending sometime with Rob from ArtisanMC I now have a better understanding of PR. It is important to strike a balance between online and offline PR distribution. Both activities target a different type of reader, if you concentrate too much on one you risk damaging the other, at the cost of alienating potential customers. This in any industry is surely a bad thing.

The beauty of the blog is that it makes everyone a journalist, an observer, a commenter. It goes without saying that all blogs vary in quality but nevertheless if used correctly (and used alongside conventional publishing techniques) I believe it will revolutionise the media of tomorrow.


Blogger Roy Wilding said...

It also makes life extremely easy for the jounalist. Instead of spending time writing carefully considered news items they can just copy and paste any old crap they find on the net.

Hasn't there been a few cases where bloggers have taken legal action against journalists for using their content?

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