Thursday, June 22, 2006

Boosting your Page Rank… or letting us do it for you!

Page Rank (PR) is no new buzz word. Every webmaster from the amateur hobbyist to leading web designers like our friends at VirtuAffinity all know about the value of a site's PR. But what so many people don’t always realise is what actually contributes to your site getting a good PR.

Some people believe that it is the number of sites pointing to their site that will determine their link popularity, and the more links there are, the higher their ranking will be. This is true; however, it is only partially true and can lead you into a trap.

PushOn’s Approach

At PushOn we take this concept and create a bespoke solution to your online marketing needs, based on the principle discussed above. We strive to build you a net of inbound links, that will not only boost your PR but will direct ‘traffic’ or customers to your site.

Your Site

Firstly, we give the site a once over. Is it legal? Does it conform to Accessibility Standards? Is your content appropriate? These are just some of the questions we’ll attempt to answer as we go through a steady ‘on-page’ optimisation of your site.

Your Marketplace

We believe that if your product is worth selling, and marketing, then you want it to be in the marketplace most appropriate for you. One thing that the big search engines seem to love is contextually appropriate links back to your site from sites in the same market. Links like this are gold dust and with a little help you could find your site linking in from a series of PushOn’s known sources.

Anchoring Links

A high number of your newly found inbound links will come from directories. For every link that we create we attempt to maximise your site's link presence by creating additional links within the descriptions available. This has been a highly successful technique and we’ve seen some great results from it.

The Personal Touch

Unlike so many bigger (and possibly cheaper) SEO firms, we don’t use automated tools to ‘spam’ your site's details at directories in a hope that a few of them may add your site to their pages. We believe this not only gives your site a bad reputation but is damaging to ours also.

Instead we employ a team of well trained and motivated LinkBuilders to create valuable links to aid us in boosting your site's PR and online presence.

What Next

PushOn have a range of tools and techniques to help boost your site in your chosen online marketplace that we’d be excited to discuss with you. So give us a call and see how our expertise can give you that edge over your competitors.

About the Author

Jamie Clouting is an SEO Specialist working for PushON, a Manchester based online marketing firm. He is currently studying Information Systems Engineering at the University of Manchester.



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